About The Book




In My Eco-World, Made in China, learn how Deng Xiaoping introduced a market economy to China in 1978, and within a generation, China became the world’s second-largest economy.


Success brought some problems: today, the country is gripped by rampant corruption, air and water pollution, food shortages, and escalating inflation – not to mention a severe shortage of affordable housing.


But it’s come up with a creative solution to overcome those challenges with its plan to establish an eco-world with four hundred eco-cities. The unprecedented project seeks to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, automation, transportation enhancements, creative housing designs, and other innovations into daily life.


Fossil fuels will be banned, vehicles will be battery powered, and there will be an unlimited supply of water, food, and energy. Arid lands will be rejuvenated with trees and vegetation.


It won’t be cheap, but trillions of dollars will be saved, millions of people will be lifted out of poverty, and the entire world will be changed as China creates a new, eco-world.